It's such a cliché to harp on about how time flies. But it does, doesn't it? Especially when there is (still) less to do thanks to Covid and without many punctuation points the days turn into weeks, months...

At this mid-point in the year I find myself reflecting on what I want to create before 2021 is out. Honestly, it's a slightly daunting list. However, I also think it's essential to feel your comfort zone stretch, whilst finding some sort of balance between pushing oneself and putting an unhelpful amount of pressure on. 

I'd be a liar if I didn't acknowledge both my slight reticence towards gigging and my envy of people who seem really chilled about getting back out to play! At this point I'm still working up an original set I'm proud to play out, and trusting that the timing of my life will bring all this along when good and ready. :)

In the meantime I was really happy to play a lovely little cafe gig at The Drop Off Cafe in Edenfield last week. 

I'm looking forward to road testing my new sounds at the drop Off's fabulous venue The Provident Society for the very first Garden of Edenfield Wellness Weekend on July 24th.